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Fiberglass Fountain Pools

Looking for a quality Fiberglass Fountain Pool or Garden Pond?

Modular Fiberglass Pool Assembly

For more than two decades we have been providing one-piece and Modular fiberglass pools utilizing high-quality materials and a time tested process that give our pools added strength and durability. This proven process results in a pool that is stronger than ordinary fiberglass pools and thicker than any competitor out there. All of our products are made with unsurpassed attention to detail resulting in the delivery of a fiberglass pool that is strong and durable and looks absolutely spectacular. We are committed to providing you with the highest quality fiberglass pool in the industry. Our pools come in many standard shapes, sizes, and colors. Visit our Fiberglass Fountain Pool Catalog to see the many standard and custom Fiberglass Pools we have available. One of the many benefits of our fiberglass pools is that we can have the material tailored to accommodate the needs of your fountain or water feature project. If you do not see something that fits the design or idea of your project, let us know! We can provide just about any shape and size of fiberglass pool that you can imagine!

Other Fiberglass Pool Suppliers typically offer only a 5-year warranty, while we offer a lifetime warranty against cracks or leaks in a residential use atmosphere. We can give this warranty because our pools are simply more durable than other fiberglass pools.


Round Fiberglass Pools


round fiberglass pool Round ponds or pool are the most popular fiberglass pools we make. We have standard sizes ranging from three feet in diameter all the way up to thirty feet in diameter. The larger pools (ten feet and above) are modular in construction and most of them are assembled from the top using overlaping flanges. We us a silicone sealant and stainless steel hardware to assure your pool is water tight. We have been using this system since 1984 and have hundreds of installations all over the country. The modular construction allows you the ability to carry the pieces through a standard door frame which makes interior installations possible on existing buildings.


Square Fiberglass Pools


square fiberglass pools

Square ponds or pools are also available in many standard sizes, but we can custom make any size or shape that your fountain project may require.


FreeForm Fiberglass Pools


freeform fibergla pool

Freeform ponds are typically used in water gardens and fish ponds. We have several large freeformed water garden pools for your specific project. We can also make a special size of shape for you project.

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Custom Fountain Projects with Fiberglass Pools


Fiberglass Pools with Aerator Nozzles

Fiberglass pond with Dandelion Sphere

arched aerator
sphere fountain

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